About The Flag Game

Did You Guess The Concept Of The Game?

The concept behind the world flag game is not only to challenge your flag knowledge, we believe that behind a country flag is laying information about the country itself.
So, briefly said - GuessTheFlag.com is not just a game - it is a cultural bridge and educative tool, that interactively let's you explore new worlds.
GuessTheFlag.com is the answer to all the problems with geography you ever had. Now, thanks to Google Maps, you have the chance to see exactly where the country whose flag you’re guessing is situated on the world map. It’s a simple and funny way to improve your knowledge :) We've got some tips for those who are curious that will help improve your game skills.

How To Play The Flag Game: Tutorial

The game is rather simple yet amusing. For every correct guess you'll receive one "correct" point.
Every wrong guess will cost you one "wrong" point.
The goal is to collect as many "correct" points as you can.
What is the trick? Differentiating from the standard scoring systems, The Guess The Flag game is getting harder and harder with every step.
This comes from the fact that with the advance through your flag journey the percentage of incorrect answers is rising together with the percentage of your correct answers!
You'll have to be almost perfect in your answers to get high scores.

The Benefits Of Playing The Game

Fun. You have the world at your glance. Every answer, no matter correct or wrong will bring you to the country. If you play all the flags you will complete an extraordinary and fun tour all over the world!

Knowledge. With the play comes the knowledge. After a few games you'll start guessing more and more flags in this world map game. In addition, in the info bubbles above the little flags on the map you'll see detailed information about the country, its population and other up to date statistics.

Country Flag Colours...

The most common color in all world flags is red – 74%, followed by white – 70% and blue – 50%. There’s only one flag in the world that consists of just one solid color - the flag of Libya is solid green with no other signs or symbols on it. There are three color combinations that are used on several flags in certain regions. Red, white and blue are common amongst European and Western nations, including France, Great Britain, Australia and the United States of America. Many African nations use red, yellow and green, including Senegal, Mali and Cameroon. Flags containing red, white and black can be found particularly amongst Arab nations such as Iraq, Yemen and Egypt.

What do the colors stand for ... :?

White color - symbol of peace and honesty
Red Flags - hardiness, bravery, strength & valour
Blue color facts - symbolise vigilance, truth and loyalty, perseverance & justice
Green color facts - hope, joy and love and in many cultures have a sacred significance
Black color - determination and often reflects the ethnic heritage of the people
Yellow color - a symbol of generosity

What Does The Symbols In a Country Flag Stand For?

Did you know that Mozambique's flag has an image of AK47 (Avtomat Kalashnikova # 47) on it? And at least eight more countries have different weapons on their flags.

American Samoa - Spear and Torch
Angola - Machete
Barbados - Trident
Belize - Two Clubs/Two axes
Guatemala - Two guns w/Bayobette
Kenya - Two Spears and a shield
Saudi Arabia - Sabre
Sri Lanka - Dagger held by Griffon
Swaziland - Two spears and shield
US Virgin Islands - 3 arrows

But ... They Are Almost Completely Identical ...

A couple of horizontal stripes in white and red. Is this the flag of Monaco, or the flag of Indonesia? The answer – Both. In fact, Chad and Romania have flags that are almost completely identical. But other than those four, all flags you'll see on GuessTheFlag.com are different. And here’s the challenge:

You have to guess which flag belongs to which country.

The flags of Netherlands and of Luxembourg differ only in the shade of blue used and can be mistaken for the Russian flag, which has the same colors in a different sequence. There are many others that look alike. In case you find something wrong, please drop us a line.
You will find out which countries they belong to while you play the flag game.

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